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The GREAT Coupon Experiment aims to solve a mystery as old as the Sunday insert itself: Is coupon cutting really a feasible way for people with lives and dogs and families to save money?  My mother would say, “yes”; I would say, “I don’t know, that’s why I’m doing this experiment.” 


Total Savings: $8.32 ($5.30 Coupons; $3.02 Sales)


1. This week was one of my best and I only used printable coupons, which meant no $2 newspaper eating into my savings. 

2. I checked out what was on sale before I made my list. 

Commissary shoppers go here: Commissary Savings Aisle & Maxi Saver

Walmart shoppers go here: Walmart Circular

Super Market shoppers read: Wal-Mart vs. Super Market vs. Commissary

3. I already knew this, you already knew this, but it is our duty to warn everyone else: STICK TO THE LIST.  At the top of my receipt you will find four bags of unplanned candy.  This is because I brought Husband this week and he does not abide by the rules of grocery shopping.  A helpful tip: if you must bring a candy addict or otherwise unsavvy shopper, give them a task.  I like to give Husband a coupon for an item that I know the store doesn’t have and tell him to go find it.  

That’s a Rap! Or is it wrap?  Whatever.

This is the last week for the GCE, partially because I think I’ve learned all that I’m going to for right now, partially because it would really get boring to carry this on perpetually.  So, here they are, my conclusions:

1. Shop with a list.  Stick to the list.  Reasons mentioned in #3 above.

2. Check out newspaper coupon inserts in your area and see if they are worth your $2.  If not, there are gazillions of coupon websites online (I used couponmom.com); they all seem pretty standard and carry the same coupons.  I’ve heard rumors of a magical site that has all the coupons you could ever dream of; if you know this place, TELL ME.

3. Looking at those annoying newspapery advertisements at the front of the store can actually be helpful (color me surprised).  Better yet, check ’em out online so you can plan your list around sales.

4. I’m not going to cut my grocery bill in half anytime soon.  Maybe I was already a pretty savvy shopper or maybe I simply do not have the time or the patience to play the grocery game. 

5. I think I can save at least $8/week on average.  I’m happy enough with this figure that I will be continuing to clip those coup’s.  $8 for 52 weeks means $416/year.  Those little figures add up big time.


Have coupon or other money saving tips?  Share them with the group, don’t be stingy.


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