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Time is Money – Part 3: How to Avoid Cleaning

In this third article in our series on how to save time, we look at how to save time cleaning your house.

We can all agree that when it comes to cleaning, we would all rather just not do it. Aside from its benefits as a mind-numbingly-repetitive chore, cleaning is miserable. You either have to deal with harsh chemicals that are trying to slowly kill you or “green” excuses for cleaning products that basically do little more than water and elbow grease. Reason enough to avoid cleaning completely is the bathroom. No matter how you look at it, it’s just not civilized. Here are some suggestions in getting out of cleaning and maybe saving not only time but money in the process.

Make your cleaning supplies work for you. One thing that many people forget about cleaning supplies is that they need time to work. When it comes to cleaning agents, patience truly is a virtue. Spraying on the bathroom cleaner and then immediately wiping it away does little to aid your cleaning. Stop working so hard. Apply your cleaning chemicals and step away; go read a book or something. Let them do their job. When you come back later you will see why those little bottles have the poison skull and cross bones on them – they are grime murderers. It’s all about cleaning smarter, not harder.
Buy the right cleaning supplies. There are two parts to this tip: first get the correct cleaning agent for the job. Trust me, do your research, it makes a difference. The second part is to buy cleaning supplies that take the work out of cleaning. Buy one of those shower cleaners that hang in the shower and automatically spray it down daily. Buy a cleaning puck for your toilet reservoir, or better yet, one of those gel cleaners that attach to the side of the bowl. Why scrub down your toilet and shower when you can let science do it for you!?! Taking a little time now to find helpful cleaning supplies will save you time up to your elbows is mold and mildew later.
Get a maid. Yes, I know, this hardly seems like a cheap choice, but you have to admit, it’s definitely a time saver! Honestly though, getting a maid may end up saving you money in the long run. When people usually think of getting a maid, they think Alice from the Brady Bunch – a live-in person to constantly pick up after your lazy and dirty butt. That is not what I’m advocating. Many maid services can be hired to come once a week or once a month to clean things up. Sure, you may not mind general picking up clutter, but you’d rather head-butt a ram than scrub down your kitchen. You may find it cheaper for your sanity to simply pay someone once a month and give your house a good scrub down. If you can then use that time you save not cleaning by actually making money, you’ll come out on top and you’ll have avoided some pretty nasty business (that is unless you work at one of those many dirty jobs Mike Rowe made look so cool.)
So what tips do you have for avoiding cleaning? Sound off below.

Article publié pour la première fois le 02/12/2013

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