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How to make a great cable package for $34.99/month go up to $85.99/month.  It’s so easy, even you can do it!

There have been several times when I see a cable commercial and I think to myself, “Why don’t we have such a great deal for our tv’s?  Those people in the commercial have 1,000 more channels than us and pay half as much!  Why am I yelling?!”  Today I went to directtv.com to sort this whole mess out.  I think it’s important to start off by presenting my conclusions:

Over one year I would be paying $486 MORE than I expected at first click.  That’s $972 over the life of the plan that I’m locked into.

Look below to see how my bill went from $34.99 to $46.99 to $70.99 to $85.99.  The average cost of my bill for the 2 year contract would be $75.49. 


I went for the Choice Xtra package because 1. I like poor spelling as a marketing technique 2. For JUST $5 more you get 60 channels.  Note where it says “LOCKED UNTIL 2011.” 


FREE HD DVR Receiver? Yes please. 


Add another receiver for FREE? Why not?


Another receiver for FREE, really?  Ok…


Whoa there.  $46.99/month?  I started out at $34.99/month.  There is an extra Direct DVR Service Fee ($7) and Receiver Lease Fee ($5), I guess $12 isn’t that much more…


When I view the bills for 24 months I find some bad surprises.  The bill shoots up $24 to $70.99 in the 4th month because the free three month trial of Showtime and Starz expires.  It looks like they are just going to keep that going unless I call and cancel. 


Remember how my plan rate was “LOCKED UNTIL 2011?”  Well when that expires one year later, the bill goes up to $85.99.  Yowsa.  

I know that just rocked your world.  Take a deep breath.  Post a comment, talking about it will help you heal.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/06/2010