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You Only Get What You Give

That's actually not necessarily true.  There is actually no official bureau for tracking who gives and gets what – so you might actually be getting and giving unequally.  

And in this time of fiscal crises and chronic government overspending, I'm not sure that the establishment of OFTWGAGW (Office for Tracking Who Gives and Gets What, obviously) is very high on anyone's priority list.  

The Season of Giving has begun.  I wish this season was year round but I suppose to truly appreciate it, it must be rare.  

Can't experience joy without sorrow, pleasure without pain, Nicole without Paris; that kind of thing.   

Well, since this season is so short, we all better start giving right now.  I actually started the other day…

Completely, totally, entirely unrelated note:  Did you know that it is illegal to put change in other people's parking meters?  (I learned that the other day in a purely academic situation.)

Yup.  Even if you pull up to a meter with 50 minutes on it and the car next to you – the one with a handicapped sticker, in front of a HOSPITAL – has zero minutes.  

It won't matter if you dig and dig and dig for that quarter wedged underneath your seat with your butt in the air as passersby gawk rudely, but admiringly too…

When you go to put that coin in the meter with your static charged hair (from rubbing your head all over your car, of course) standing straight up, you will be a lawbreaker. 

But it would have been a nice thought. 

Where was I?  Oh yeah, I started giving the other day.  Nothing too big, just sweetly and legally helping out my fellow man.  

OFTWGAGW will probably, hopefully never exist in the government sector and we are likely years away from a full privatization manifestation (don't ask me what I mean by that, I'm not really sure).

Just to be sure, do your darndest to give more than you get this Christmas season. Honestly, you always get what you give.  


Article publié pour la première fois le 23/11/2010

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