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Your Space & Sanity are Worth Something

My organizing magazines are disorganizing my house.  How ironic.

001 Ever have one of those moments where you look around your house and think, “where did all this stuff come from?”  I had one of those moments yesterday when I looked down at the coffee table. 

It all starts with one magazine.  You put it out on the table, mostly for it’s decorative quality, but a little bit because you hope your guests will see it and think, “oh my, I had no idea that Ben and Lauren were so outdoorsy.  They are sooo interesting.”  Pretty soon the magazines start piling up and before you know it, your house is looking like an episode of Hoarders; guests then start thinking, “I feel uncomfortable.”  Maybe your piles are sending the wrong message.   

There are those who pride themselves on having an almost complete National Geographic collection.  These people are delusional.  Some people might even think that their collection is worth something. Again, these people are delusional.  Between the time it would take to find a buyer and ship your priceless collection, it’s simply not worth your time.  And yes, your time is worth something. 

How many of those old issues of Martha have you cracked open to brush up on your seasonal crafts?  Don’t feel bad, me either.  So let’s throw away/recycle/donate these back issues.  Something tells me there will be new ones next month.

What is cluttering up your house today?  It’s ok, don’t be embarrassed.

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/06/2010